Carroll Fuel Transport Driver Receives Industry Award

Jan. 31, 2018

Baltimore, Maryland (January 23, 2018) — The Maryland Motor Truck Association (MMTA) honored several professional commercial drivers at their annual Driver of the Year was held at Mathew’s Restaurant in Catonsville.  For a professional driver to be considered for this award employers endorse a candidate worthy of recognition, then after the rigorous selection process through a committee that includes the MMTA and also members of the Maryland State Police, 12 drivers are selected as a Driver of the Month recipients and recognized at this event.

As with years past, Carroll Fuel remains extremely proud of our core group of professional drivers, to which this year Mr. Earnest Thomas was selected by his peers as their candidate for this award.  As a result of his unending dedication and professionalism throughout 2017 (and truthfully his entire career with Carroll Fuel), Ernie was selected and recognized as Mr. October.  Ernie’s story is that he was hired as a seasonal heating fuel delivery driver in 1979 by the then Dispatch Supervisor, Mr. Howard Phelps.  Ernie has been with Carroll Fuel for 39 years and this window of time is so substantial, that when he was hired his route was delivering coal.  Back then Carroll’s workload was not as ratable as it is today, to which every Spring Ernie was laid off and he returned to his opposite seasonal employer at E. Stewart Mitchell where he hauled asphalt.  After years of back and forth between employers, in 1983 Ernie was finally hired as a full time driver for Carroll and the rest so they say, is history.

It is moments like this when we all should feel humbled that we work with a gentleman who has dedicated his entire professional career to work with us.  Think about it, ask yourself how many people in this era do you know who have a spent a lifetime with a single main employer?  The majority of those reading this email started elsewhere and joined Carroll eventually,….well, Ernie did not; Carroll Fuel was his first (and hopefully last) true employer.  If you have the opportunity to talk with him at either our Curtis Bay facility or at a gas station, please take a few minutes and congratulate him on this achievement.  In typical Ernie fashion he will likely very humbly say “Thank you and that receiving this award was just luck”, but it is all of us who are truly lucky to have him and his dedication on our team.



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