Commercial Driving Championship

Jun. 5, 2017


On Saturday June 3rd two of our dedicated employees, Mr. Eugene Lloyd and Mr. John Brundidge competed in the annual Maryland state driving competition which took place at the Timonium Fairgrounds.  For those not familiar with the event, each year the Maryland Motor Truck Association sponsors a commercial driving championship that takes place at the fairgrounds where close to 100 contestants compete in various commercial vehicle categories.  As “stations” for the drivers, they must each successfully complete a written exam, then perform a commercial vehicle safety inspection with the purpose of identifying hidden unsafe items and then lastly they maneuver a commercial tanker truck through a challenging obstacle course.  Each station presents it own challenges and the driver must successfully complete one station prior to moving on to the next level (it’s win or go home).

In the weeks leading up to the event these professionals must review prescribed safety literature touching up on their regulatory knowledge preparing for the written exam.  Once they are successful at the exam station, then on to the vehicle inspection portion.  This benchmark is a similar task that they perform every day, yet this vehicle review much more detailed.  Then finally on to the driving course and it is here where their skill sets of patience and focus are turned up a notch.  They must execute precise backing skills, turning on an unusually tight radius and navigating a serpentine with a tractor trailer.  On the course the judges (who are Maryland State Troopers) measure their turns with a ruler, making note of any discrepancies and then deducting or issuing points as appropriate.


On this day the end result was that Mr. Eugene Lloyd took home first place in the vehicle inspection portion and first place also for the for the tanker division driving.  Gene’s next step is in a few months where he will re present Maryland (and Carroll) at the national driving championships in Orlando; good luck Gene, we are all extremely proud of you!

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