Strong community roots & a devotion to excellence

Carroll Independent Fuel has been serving communities in the Baltimore, Maryland, region for over 100 years.

Our success has been achieved by consistently following the principles of excellent service. To us, that means quality workmanship, rock-solid reliability and doing all we can to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our services are backed by our family’s personal commitment to your safety and comfort.

In 1907, Benson Phelps and Carroll Faye opened a coal yard on Franklin Road in Baltimore. The Carroll Independent Fuel Company was born.

In those days, Carroll delivered coal and wood to homes throughout Baltimore by horse-drawn wagon. The operation soon expanded to a second yard, providing both commercial soft coal and anthracite hard coal for residential use.

Mr. Phelps assumed full ownership of the company after Mr. Faye sold his interest, and more Carroll locations were opened throughout the 1920s and 30s.

By 1935, the switch was on. Oil was quickly displacing coal as the energy of choice. Carroll Independent adapted by opening several oil burner showrooms around Baltimore, adding tankers to our fleet and offering expanded services to facilitate our growing residential and commercial customer base.

From horse-drawn coal wagons to today’s high-tech delivery vehicles, Carroll has developed into the dependable full-service company devoted to your residential and commercial service and fuel needs!

Benson Phelps’ sons Richard, Stanley and Calvin managed Carroll’s steady growth up through the 1970s. The acquisitions of Herman Fisher Oil, Dunlap Fuel, County Fuel Company, Blomeier Brothers, Kustom Fuel, Clark Oil, S. Lease Warner, Toomey, Berwyn Fuel and L.C. Parker Fuel since then have dramatically increased Carroll’s customer base and scope of products and services. Carroll Independent Fuel Co.’s most recent acquisition was W.D. Groff & Son.

During the 1980s, Carroll Fuel signed a contract with CITGO Petroleum and established itself in the branded gasoline business. Several years later, Carroll entered into a new partnership with Mobil, giving Carroll two strong brands to bring to the market. In January 2006, Carroll added a third brand with the addition of 70 BP outlets to its existing network of 140 dealers.

Today, Carroll Fuel is as strong as ever. Our rich heritage has taught us the importance of customer service, and we continue to adhere to the values of quality, reliability and service on which our company was founded nearly 100 years ago. When you enter into a relationship with Carroll Fuel, you can be confident you can Count on Carroll for all of your fuel and service needs.

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