At Carroll Transportation, safety is our number one priority. Our fuel carrying equipment and personnel all meet the highest safety standards.

Our safety measures include:

  • Continuous safety training for all drivers and dispatchers
  • Quarterly safety incentives for safe driving records
  • Gauging each fuel delivery before and after with a stick reading to check for water and ensure environmental safety
  • Dedicated drivers and equipment to avoid product cross-contamination
  • Safety equipment on each vehicle, including safety glasses, hard hats, back braces, ear plugs, safety vests and cameras
  • A safety review board which meets quarterly to discuss safety improvements
  • Servicing vehicles every 5,000 miles and replacing each vehicle every five years

Carroll Transportation drivers are educated on the newest government safety regulations year-round, with regular drug tests and background screenings. Ongoing in-service training—such as a recent interactive safety training session facilitated by Sunoco University—helps us maintain an exemplary safety record, and equips our drivers with the tools they need to feel confident and safe behind the wheel.

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